We provide the following services:

Maintenance Procedures:

We provide the option to landlords to manage their properties. Managing the property includes the responsibility of assessing the premises and advising landlords of any possible maintenance or repair issues. Before commencing any maintenance, the landlord is able to request a formal quote for approval.

We pride ourselves on established access to a network of experienced suppliers who can assist with maintenance and repair issues.

Vetting Potential Tenants:

Screening prospective tenants is a key responsibility, to ensure that they are financially qualified to meet the obligations of the lease. It is imperative that potential clients provide the following documentation for screening:

  • Latest three months’ bank statements.
  • Latest three months’ pay slips.
  • Copy of ID for ITC credit checks.

Risk Management:

Residential investments, like any other investment, carries risk. This is why a Letting implemented a strict and extremely cautious approach towards approving tenants. a Letting is a rental agency that solely focuses on letting of property. We have the necessary credentials, skills and experience required to navigate this environment. Vetting potential tenants and checking their creditworthiness is an absolute statute.

a Letting provides an essential service by ensuring that all aspects are covered by the proper legal requirements. We have a firm relationship with our attorneys, helping us stay abreast of the latest legislation in case of any disputes to protect the rental income of our landlords.

The standard of our agency’s documentation is a good indication of our legal support. We provide comprehensive, up-to-date, legally-compliant lease agreements and detailed mandates to landlords, including our duties for managed leases.

Administrative Duties:

We provide administrative back-up in all forms on all our managed leases.

  • Screening tenants and contractual documentation.
  • Provision of estimate rental incomes.
  • Rent collection and following up on outstanding rent.
  • Debtors Statements.
  • General handling of written queries and issues.
  • Transfer of rental income to the landlord.
  • Conveyance of detailed owner’s statements.
  • Completion of detailed inspections forms.
  • Detailed documentation regarding any form of maintenance.
  • Advertising management.
  • Showing of property and pre-approval of tenants.